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  Hello, I’m Penny and this month I would like to tell you about a unique service that I offer to eliminate pain. It’s called Oldpain2go and it is a wonderful pain relief and elimination method that involves removing the old pain messages in your body. This method has been used successfully with back, knee, […]

Blue Monday, no thanks!

So the most depressing day of the year is here… Monday 15th January is officially Blue Monday, supposedly the most miserable day of the year. WHY IS IT SO MISERABLE? So it typically falls on the third Monday of January. Credit card bills have arrived, days are dark and gloomy, most of your new year’s […]

Coping with low mood, depression and stress at Christmas

Christmas is a time for celebration and enjoyment, but if you are already coping with low mood, stress or depression, how do you still enjoy Christmas? Family get-togethers, the constant pressure to buy stuff, busy shopping sessions, and the affordability of it all can seem like a nightmare and ruin Christmas altogether. When you are […]